Brazilian Blowout Wellesley

Get a Brazilian Blowout in Wellesley

In terms of outstanding results, no hair treatment quite compares to the Brazilian blowout. Wellesley residents can come to Jesamondo Salon & Spa for professional-grade blowouts that will exceed even the highest hair expectations. Our Brazilian blowout treatments use Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner – the highest standard in the industry. With prices starting at $300, the Brazilian blowout is a hair transformation you won’t want to miss. View our full list of keratin and Brazilian blowout treatments!

About the Brazilian Blowout in Wellesley

You may have heard of a Brazilian blowout, or it may be a completely new concept to you. This hair care treatment is incredibly popular throughout the world, and can achieve exceptional results for all types of hair. Whether your natural locks are coarse and frizzy or thin and fine, a Brazilian blowout in Wellesley can boost your overall look, feel, and hair health. This treatment, pioneered in Brazil, uses keratin infusions and a special technique to give hair a gorgeous, lasting shine. Here are some basic facts about Brazilian blowouts:

It smoothes and relaxes curls and frizz. If your hair is naturally messy, frizzy, or curly, the Brazilian blowout can give you a straighter, sleeker shine. The blowout relaxes curls without burning the scalp or “frying” the strands. It uses liquid keratin, the main protein found in hair, to relax the strands while boosting the health and strength of hair. Thanks to breakthrough technologies, blowouts can smooth hair cuticles and completely eliminate frizz. It reverts your hair to its natural, healthy, and smooth state, protecting against any external damage.

Results last months. A typical Brazilian blowout in Wellesley will last around three months. That’s three whole months of never worrying about what your hair looks like when you leave the house. Rain or heat – handle it all with hair that boasts a strong keratin shield. The look and feel of when you first get the blowout can last all the way to week ten, as long as you get your service from qualified technicians. Meet our team of highly trained and experienced stylists. They can give you a glossy, mirror-like shine in no time.

It’s customizable. The Brazilian blowout is an excellent choice for all hair types and preferred looks. Want to keep your curls but banish frizz? Talk to our specialists about a blowout with customized techniques to limit the straightening effects and highlight smoothing. Our team has provided blowouts to people with curls, kinks, coils, frizz, fine hair, damaged locks, and more – all with results you’ll rave about. It won’t affect your natural curl pattern, either. Once the blowout wears off, your natural curls will show again.

No downtime or maintenance. Unlike hair treatments like perms, there is virtually no downtime with a Brazilian blowout. Wellesley women can jump straight in the shower, exercise, put hair in a pony, and more right after they leave our salon. Your daily activities won’t interfere with the concentrated keratin the treatment infused into each strand. In just over an hour, you can have hair that looks and feels totally different, all without worrying about what you do after.

Jesamondo Salon & Spa is your source for a Brazilian blowout in Wellesley. We use the highest quality products and accepted techniques to give you the best, longest-lasting results possible. We know this treatment can totally transform your hair, giving you the look and feel you’ve always wanted but thought you could never have. This treatment is especially great for the hot and humid summers, or before vacations to tropical places. You’ll remain smooth and frizz-free in even the stickiest climates.

What to Expect from a Brazilian Blowout in Wellesley

Whether you need something to help you get a fresh start or you’re overdue for routine maintenance, come to Jesamondo Salon & Spa for a Brazilian blowout in Wellesley. This treatment is one of our most popular in the region for its unparalleled results. You’ll walk out with hair that’s fit to grace the cover of a magazine. Don’t take our word for it – read testimonials about our salon and spa services. Our team can help you decide if the Brazilian blowout in Wellesley is the right treatment for you, and the results you might expect. While every head of hair is different, the process remains the same. Here’s what to expect:

Consultation. You’ll discuss whether you want to preserve your curls or go for a completely straight look before you undergo the treatment. Our staff will custom-tailor your treatment to achieve the desired results.

Shampooing. Once the treatment begins, your stylist will shampoo your hair a few times to remove any product. This creates a clean base for the liquid keratin to adhere to for the best results.

Application. The stylist will then apply the special Brazilian blowout formula to your hair from root to tip. The formula uses liquid keratin and ingredients such as açai berry and camu camu for extraordinary results.

Blow dry and flat iron. Your stylist will blow dry the treated hair smooth, then use a flat iron at 450 degrees to seal the keratin in.

Finished product. After another shampoo to rinse out the treatment and a final blow dry, your hair will be smooth and impossibly shiny.

Come to our salon for some before and after photos of clients who have undergone the Brazilian blowout in Wellesley if you’re curious about what results may look like. Your hair is totally unique – you will need a one-on-one consultation with a professional hair technician to fully understand how the treatment will likely change your hair. To schedule a Brazilian blowout, Wellesley residents can call (508) 907-7171 or use our online appointment book.