Keratin Straightening Treatment Wellesley

Keratin Straightening Treatment available in Wellesley

Jesamondo Salon & Spa provides the highest quality keratin straightening treatment Wellesley has to offer. This treatment can instantly improve the look, feel, and health of your hair by creating a protective layer of protein around hair shafts. It eliminates frizz, smoothes the cuticle, and leaves hair looking smooth and healthy with a beautiful shine. We provide this salon treatment using the best products on the market, with highly trained and educated stylists. Learn more!

What is a Keratin Straightening Treatment in Wellesley?

A keratin straightening treatment in Wellesley is a full makeover for your hair. Have you ever wondered how Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) transformed her hair from frizzy to the envious, gleaming locks she has today? She achieved her look with blowouts and keratin treatments. This treatment is one of the best in the business for taming frizz and keeping your hair smooth and shining for long periods of time. Here’s what you should know about the four types of keratin straightening treatments in Wellesley we provide:

Keratin Complex by Coppola. This revolutionary technology injects hair with high concentrations of keratin, the protein that mainly comprises your hair. Keratin treatments restore the hair’s strength and elasticity, achieving a healthier all-around appearance. This treatment works effectively in all types of hair and lasts 3-5 months.

Mini-Keratin Complex. A mini-keratin treatment is exactly what it sounds like – a smaller, lesser version of the full treatment. Mini-keratin treatments are great for hair that’s already pretty smooth, or for clients that want to maintain their results from the full treatment and lasts 6-8 weeks.

Brazilian Blowout Treatment. This semi-permanent method seals liquid keratin into the hair using a hair iron which lasts 10-12 weeks. It eliminates frizz and straightens the hair, with results that can last months when completed by professionals. Our team has been trained to complete blowouts with the best techniques and trustworthy products. Meet our team!

Goldwell Kerasilk® Keratin Treatment. Goldwell is a top name in the hair industry, and Jesamondo Salon & Spa is a titanium partner. That means we can provide the company’s top-of-the-line treatments to our clients. This luxury hair treatment delivers a powerful transformation using engineered keratin and lightweight silk that lasts 3-5 months. It provides structural support for your hair, lasting color protection, and an outstanding silky look.

Speak with our stylists to find out which treatment is right for you. Keratin straightening treatments in Wellesley don’t use your average straighteners. Instead, they use infusions of protein to achieve a “miracle” solution. Treatments improve the look of your hair, but they also enhance its health.

Ready for a Total Hair Transformation? Book an Appointment!

Keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular salon services for clients who want to totally improve hair appearance. You’ll walk out of the salon with a total hair transformation – all without damaging your locks! You have to see these amazing results yourself to believe them. Come to our salon, and we’ll show you some before and after photos, as well as help you select the ideal treatment for your hair. We’ll help you love your locks again. To schedule a keratin straightening treatment, Wellesley residents can call Jesamondo Salon & Spa at (508) 907-7171 or book an appointment online.