Lash Brow Tinting Natick

Enjoy your best makeup day every day with the services for lash brow tinting Natick residents prefer. At Jesamondo Salon & Spa, our lash and eyebrow tinting specialists will deliver the perfect shade and coverage to make your eyes and brows pop. As a full-service salon and spa, you can come to our location in Natick for all your beauty needs from makeup application to mermaid hair color.

We strive to deliver excellence in service for every client who walks through our doors. Make an appointment for lash brow tinting in Natick today.

The Art of Lash Brow Tinting Natick

As a salon and spa that prioritizes client safety, we highly recommend that you only go to an experienced and well-known place for lash brow tinting in Natick. The wrong application method or dye can cause chemical burns and seep into the eye, causing irritation and infection. At Jesamondo Salon & Spa, we use extreme caution and hand select the products we use around the eye area.

When you come into our salon for lash brow tinting in Natick, our color specialist will provide a consultation. Choosing the right tint is incredibly important to achieving a natural and defining eye look. We consider many different features to find the perfect color for our clients. Your roots, skin, eye color, and preference all play a role in the hue and tone we choose.

During the eyebrow tinting process, we lean clients back into a reclining position so we can apply the dye. The dye remains on the brow for a short while and will only dye your brow hair. After wiping and cleaning the dye from the hair, you should see a noticeable but subtle difference in the look of your brows.

The success of our lash tinting service depends on a client and their ability to keep his or her eyes shut during the process. The colorist will paint dye onto the lower and upper lashes, requiring the eyes to remain closed. After a thorough cleansing, the effects of the dye will add definition to those with naturally light-colored lashes. Consider lash brow tinting in Natick as an easy way to simplify your makeup routine and create semi-permanent definition around your eyes.

Who Can Benefit from Lash Brow Tinting Natick?

Many people assume that lash brow tinting in Natick is only for those with light brown, blond, red, or silvery hair. However, anyone can achieve a different look with the right lash brow tinting service. For those with darker lashes and brows, a colorist may choose a lighter color to brighten up the face and eliminate stark or dark features.

Those with pale complexions and black hair, for instance, many not like the stark contrast between their brows and skin. A lighter shade of dye on the eyebrows can create a subtle contrast without impacting the appearance of black hair.

For redheads with strawberry blond or red brows, lash brow tinting in Natick can create a focal point around the eyes and add depth and dimension to the face. Instead of using a darker eyebrow pencil or mascara every day, those who receive lash brow tinting services can enjoy a refined color around the clock. Love your eyebrows again with help from the aestheticians at Jesamondo Salon & Spa.

Lash Brow Tinting Natick and Other Coloring Services

While you are in our salon for lash brow tinting in Natick, consider our other hair coloring services. As a Goldwell hair color brand partner, we pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to provide vibrant, high-quality colors in a full spectrum of hues. Whether you are looking for mermaid hair coloring, an ombré fade, or multi-dimensional natural colors, we have got the colors that will complement your lash brow choice to complete your look.

Coloring is a personal choice. We help clients who feel the need to color their hair to cover up grays, young girls getting their first highlights, and trendsetters searching for the next awe-inspiring color. Our colorists work with clients to uncover their preferences and choose the right colors. The wrong color on hair or during lash brow tinting in Natick can wash out facial features or leave him or her feeling shortchanged. Read more about our comprehensive hair coloring services.

Incredible Lash Brow Tinting Natick

At Jesamondo Salon & Spa, we have built a reputation for success that spans the nation. With our titanium-level Goldwell partnership and access to top national styling and coloring educators, we know you will love the results you receive with our cutting, shaping, and coloring services. Whether you want to take hair away with our waxing services or create more definition, we have got you covered. Lash brow tinting in Natick is one of many services in our complete salon and spa menu.

Aside from hair coloring, cutting, and treatment services, our salon offers complete manicure/pedicure services, and professional makeup applications. On the spa side of our facility, we offer waxing, facials, body treatment wraps, deliver natural sunless tans, and provide massages and relaxation services. Come experience one or two services or schedule a full day of salon and spa services for extra pampering.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, purchase one of our gift card packages. Featuring a combination of services designed to please, our clients love purchasing our gift cards for holidays, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, and more. Choose a dollar amount gift card to cover lash brow tinting in Natick or a relaxing manicure. It is all up to you. Explore our gift cards now.

If you are thinking about changing your hair salon or trying something new, consider Jesamondo Salon & Spa. We have been here since 1980, and we would love the opportunity to earn your business. When it comes to hair, beauty, and relaxation, we do it all. For more information about lash brow tinting, Natick locals can call (508) 907-7171.