Manicure Wellesley

Enjoy the best manicure Wellesley offers when you come to Jesamondo Salon & Spa for your next mani-pedi. Sometimes you just need the therapeutic experience of a professional manicure, and our nail room takes relaxation to the next level. Let the cares of the world float away in our calming and well-ventilated salon and spa. Our professional nail artists work to make your natural nails look and feel great. From simple polish changes to an exclusive mani-pedi experience, we offer many different levels of services to meet your nail care needs. Call us today to learn more about a manicure or pedicure in Wellesley.

A High-Quality Manicure Wellesley

Our nail room is the perfect place to pamper yourself as you wait for another appointment or for hair color to process. Whether you prefer to keep your nails clean and simple or enjoy playing with bright and fun colors, we will deliver a complete nail experience with premier traditional and gel products. Your manicure in Wellesley may include our:

Jesamondo Exclusive Manicure. This manicure experience goes beyond shaping, cuticle care, and color to deliver a spa-like experience. Sit back and enjoy a hand exfoliation treatment and a moisturizing massage during the experience. When your nails dry, you will feel ready to take on the world with your moisturized skin and flawless nails.

Classic manicure. Enjoy this manicure in Wellesley that includes everything in our exclusive manicure service but the exfoliating treatment.

French manicure. Take your classic manicure one step further with the clean white tips of a French manicure.

MANicure. This MANicure designed for men delivers the same experience as our exclusive manicure without the addition of nail color. Keep your nails looking well-groomed with this relaxing and man-friendly service.

Gel manicures. We offer three gel manicure services: a non-buildable gel manicure, gel removal, and gel removal plus a classic manicure in Wellesley.

If you do not have time for a full manicure treatment, consider our polish change or paraffin treatment services. Enjoy a change of color or silky smooth skin in under 20 minutes. Explore our nail and foot care services.

Pedicures Wellesley Residents Love

With our pedicures, Wellesley residents truly feel pampered and polished. Treat your toes to one of the following pedicures in Wellesley:

Jesamondo Exclusive Pedicure. A warm, relaxing foot bath is followed by nail and cuticle care, paying extra attention to callous and dead skin removal. You can then choose from either a thermal wrap with heated booties or a cooling, rejuvenating masque for your feet. A hydrating foot balm and massage tops off this one-of-a-kind pedicure in Wellesley, along with OPI or Zoya Nail Lacquer.

Class Pedicure. Wellesley customers receive a relaxing foot bath, nail and cuticle care with focus on callous and dead skin removal, and then a moisturizing and relaxing calf and foot massage. This pedicure in Wellesley is finished with OPI or Zoya Nail Lacquer.

Express Pedicure. Wellesley residents on the move appreciate the ability to get their toes done on the go. This service includes a therapeutic foot bath, nail shaping, cuticle treatment and then polish with either OPI or Zoya Nail Lacquer.

MENS Pedicure. Wellesley men aren't exempt from having presentable feet. This option includes a relaxing foot bath, nail and cuticle care, callous and dead skin removal, and then ends with a moisturizing and relaxing calf and foot massage.

Gel Pedicure. Wellesley residents who love gel manicures can get the same long-lasting results on their feet too. Our gel pedicure in Wellesley includes nail filing, cuticle prep and treatment, gel lacquer and lotion.

More than Manicures Wellesley

While you are getting a manicure, consider our services for pedicures in Wellesley. Eliminate callouses, soften the skin, and highlight your toes with a beautiful color with one of our luxurious pedicure services. Each pedicure includes a therapeutic foot bath in one of our cutting-edge foot spas. With foot masques, massages, and more, you will not want to leave the pedicure spa seat.

Bring a friend and schedule the afternoon to relax and get away from it all with a premier pedicure in Wellesley. With so many services to choose from, you can consider our facility as a one-stop shop for all your beauty and relaxation needs. Take care of your body with our comprehensive menu of services.

If you are getting a manicure or pedicure in Wellesley at our salon, booking a massage, or getting your hair cut, you will love the Jesamondo Salon & Spa experience. Our nationally recognized brand is known for excellence in the industry. We look forward to delivering a calming experience and incredible results during every appointment. For more information about an exceptional manicure, Wellesley locals can call us at (508) 907-7171.